Transmission / CVT Kit Oversize Stage6 R/T Minarelli long


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Stage6 R/T Oversize CVT Kit Minarelli long (Yamaha Aerox / BW's / MBK Nitro / Booster etc.). For scooters with long Minarelli engines. Enlarged “oversize” CVT systems have become popular for race engines since they extend the range of the transmission and provide improved power transmission.

The kit includes:

  • Stage6 R/T Oversize Racing Variator with 6 roller weights (19×15.5mm). The angles of the roller tracks and running surface were optimized for smooth linear operation for improved acceleration at all speeds. Special attention has been paid to ensure ideal surface roughness to achieve optimum grip, as this has a major influence on shifting characteristics. All CNC parts are protected by a special ceramic coating, so that the surface characteristics can be preserved as long as possible. The fan wheel (also included) can be removed to reduce air friction during intense use (such as at drag racing).
  • Stage6 R/T Oversize Torque Drive. CNC-milled HQ aluminium torque driver, also sealed with a ceramic coating. The way this torque drive is manufactured and assembled is what gives it its competitive edge. After being milled and coated, the half pulleys are bolted to (not welded to which is standard technique) the hub so the two halves are aligned perfectly. Moreover, it is made of forged aluminium leading to weight reduction and consequently improved heat dissipation. Advantages of the modular construction include the reduced heat built-up, the noticeably lower weight and the possibility to replace individual worn components.
  • Stage6 R/T Oversize Drive Belt, reinforced belt developed for Oversize variators
  • Stage6 R/T Torque Spring, red, for improved acceleration


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