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70cc MKII

Just like its predecessor, the Stage6 R/T MKII is composed of thin (0.8mm) sheet metal cones rolled and welded by hand, The performance is impressive, and the exhaust looks awesome. A spring-mounted carbon silencer with CNC-machined end caps, clean welding seams and an exhaust bracket with rubber buffers are the little finishing details indicating the top quality of this exhaust.

An interesting new feature is the removable screw-on stinger pipe. Adding restriction washer allows for even more precise adjustment of exhaust to engine, always depending on intended use.

In answer to requests from many of our customers, we now provide the option to combine the Stage6 R/T exhaust with Piaggio cylinders, using a special flange. A crankshaft with 85mm or 90mm connecting rod is needed, however, to prevent the downpipe from touching the original engine mount.

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Exhaust Stage6 Pro Replica MKII

powerful, durable exhaust at a fair price.

Classic tuning exhaust with welded expansion chamber. Details like the embossed Stage6 logo in the cone as well as a wide range of colour variations for the silencer not only look pretty great, but also allow a good match with the colour scheme of your vehicle.

The completely reworked Stage6 Pro Replica MKII exhaust impresses with an earlier onset of torque and a significant increase in power in the mid-range, without losing any torque.

Our testing delivered great performance gains:

  • with a Stage6 50cc Streetrace cylinder, a power increase of up to 2 hp in the rpm range from 4000 to 8000 rpm
  • with a Stage6 70cc Streetrace cylinder an increase of 3 hp in the rpm range from 4000 to 9500 rpm

The result is a very easy to tune, powerful exhaust, with a wide usable rev range. Definitely the perfect choice for any 50cc or 70cc sport to 70cc mid-race cylinder.

Manufactured with the latest industry standards, with homologation for the most popular models and 100% made in Europe!

  • Stage6 Pro Replica MKII Exhaust
  • Silencer: orange
  • For Piaggio AC + LC (Typhoon, Zip, Vespa, SR Motard, Runner …etc.)
  • With homologation

Note: For homologation reasons, the Stage6 Pro Replica MK2 exhausts are equipped with two restrictors. One restrictor is welded into the manifold, the second one sits in the silencer.

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The Stage6 BIG BORE 95cc exhuasts were designed for the Stage6 R/T 95cc Big Bore cylinders. Shape and volume of this exhaust were designed to perfectly complement Stage6 R/T Big Bore cylinders; together, they will yield maximum power.

The expansion chamber is hand-welded from 18 (!) individual 0.8mm thin metal cones. The stinger pipe can be removed, which allows for quickly fitting in the stinger insert that comes with the exhaust (d=18.7mm) to fine-tune the system.

The exhaust comes with a spring-mounted carbon silencer and silent-block mounted exhaust bracket.

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The R1400 is Stage6’s most powerful racing exhaust to date, developed for mid-race to high-end engines with 2-hole flange.

Stage6 designed this exhaust in cooperation with German and Italian experts. The expansion chamber is relatively short, this leads to maximum output in high to very high rpm ranges.

The R1400 is hand-welded, this means manufacturing quality is always beyond reproach. It comes with a lightweight real carbon silencer. In light of these outstanding features, value for money is really exceptional.

The exhaust comes with a so-called race finish, it is unpainted and uncoated. We recommend to either simply oil or paint it (or even put a chrome coating on it)  to protect it against rusting.

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R1200 RACE

The Stage6 Exhaust R1200 is a very powerful tuning exhaust for 70cc mid-race, sport and racing cylinders that rev up to 12,000rpm.

This exhaust is hand-welded, with 9 cones – something you usually only get with much more expensive tuning exhausts. It comes with a lightweight real carbon silencer. All in all the R1200 is a purebred racing exhaust that will boost your bike’s performance and looks.

Incredibly powerful and torquey, even for a racing exhaust, its ideal power range is a bit lower than that of its “big” brother, the R1400. For a direct comaprison: it will get you ca. 2hp more than the Stage6 PRO which is already very powerful. The power band will be shifted by ca. 1,500rpm, so top speed will be considerably improved.

The exhaust comes with a so-called race finish, it is unpainted and uncoated. We recommend to either simply oil or paint it  (or put a chrome coat on it) to protect it against rusting.

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