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The Stage6 mini temperature gauge MKII is a must-have for every serious tuning fan. It underwent a visual overhaul and will be a perfect fit for any scooter dashboard. It features 2 independent temperature displays.

The integrated overheat alarm is automatically triggered at temperatures over 120° and indicated by a blinking display.

The temperature sensor (included) has a PT 1/8 thread and is suitable for the cylinder heads of all Minarelli engines. Temperature sensors with differing thread sizes for other engine types (Piaggio, Peugeot, Derbi, AM6 etc) are available separately.

We also carry a temperature sensor that can be mounted in your cooling hose and another one for use with air-cooled cylinders.

The instrument has to be connected to an external 12V supply (scooter battery). Temperature range: 0 – 120°C.

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Stage6 R/T Digital Speedometer, combining compact design (measurements: 100x60x20mm) with full-feature functionality. It can be used for 2- and 4-stroke scooters and mopeds as well as 50cc bikes with manual transmission.

The display is illuminated, the speedo is run by your 12V battery. Engine speed is picked up with an inductive sensor, speed is picked up with a magnet at the wheel. You can also order an adapter for Yamaha / MBK and Piaggio models that allows for transmitting the speed directly from the speedometer drive.


– digital speedometer 0 – 360km/h (or mph)
– tachometer up to 20,000rpm (digital and bar)
– digital thermometer up to 250°C (PT 1/8)
– engine run time up to 999.9h
– fuel gauge 0 – 100%
– voltmeter 0 – 18V
– odometer, overheat alarm, top speed recorder, shift light

There is also a timer that allows for measuring the time necessary to reach a certain speed and the time necessary to cover a certain distance.

Note: this is a “universal” device, but originally produced for scooters; this means that the temperature sensor (included) is compatible with M8 Minarelli cylinder heads. For Piaggio, Peugeot and 50cc bikes please order the appropriate sensor (M10 or M14).

Available in Stage6’s trademark colours – orange or white.

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The Stage6 MKII Mini Fuel Gauge received a visual overhaul. A fuel gauge is a pretty important, if not indispensable, little device for every bike owner. The popular Stage6 mini instrument is suitable for every vehicle type and model. A clean and easy to read display shows how much fuel you have left in your tank. The gauge can be adjusted to 100/180/250/270/510/700 and 1200 Ohm resistance.

The fuel gauge has to be connected to an external 12V battery. The white backlighting allows for checking up on fuel level even at night.

Measurements: 60 x 30 x 11.5 mm

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