Shock Absorber front Stage6 R/T MK2 Piaggio Zip SP1 / SP2 / Vespa


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Stage6 has once again made an effort and can proudly present the latest version of their high-end shock absorber for Piaggio Zip SP1 – SP2 and Vespa: Shock Absorber front Stage6 R/T MKII Piaggio Zip SP1 / SP2 / Vespa.

The predecessor model has been considered the ultimate reference in high-end suspension for race bikes for more than 10 years. Stage6 wanted to improve their product a bit more to satisfy even the most ambitious tuners and race pilots.

The Stage6 team worked with the best technicians and engineers, all of them with a lot of know-how and experience in racing and of course in all things Piaggio Zip. The Zip SP has two single (mono) shocks (this is the front one), and handling is very different from that of a motorcycle. This is mainly due to the chassis, the height of the seat and the asymmetrical engine block.

Many many runs on the test bench and, above all, extensive live use on the race track allowed Stage6 to develop a shock absorber that can be optimally adapted to riding style and all potential applications to create a precise, responsive suspension that offers optimum grip even under the most extreme conditions.

The Stage6 R/T MKII shock absorber, version 2020, is a gas charged twin-tube coil over shock absorber with external reservoir, the type that is preferred for high-end tuning. To adapt the suspension to personal style, use and track conditions, the shock absorber has the following settings:

  • Preload (at spring base)
  • Compression (orange wheel)
  • Rebound (black knob)

The shock absorber can be perfectly adjusted to the weight of the driver and compression and rebound can be controlled with utmost precision. Adjustment is optimized, i.e. the setting of a single “click” on the wheel can be noticed immediately.

You can also change the height of the front in two ways:

  • with the original Piaggio mount for Zip SP1 or SP2 – higher front axle
  • with the Stage6 adapter S6-146140ET03 (see recommendations) – lower front axle

The MKII shock can be mounted on the original brake caliper bracket as well as on the Stage6 brake caliper adapter for the 4-piston calipers (S6-140063).

Various springs in different degrees of hardness offer even more adjustment options, you can buy them as spare parts.
Please do not forget to order a shock absorber rubber buffer (OE-PIA216209) to ensure best results.

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