Stage6 Pulley / Drive Face Racing CNC Peugeot vertical / horizontal


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Stage6 Pulley / Drive Face Racing CNC Peugeot vertical / horizontal, racing drive face with optimized angle. To save money, original pulleys are usually made from cast or – even worse – pressed steel. When cooling down after production, the discs haven’t found their final shape yet and the drive face angles end up slightly different. Since racing engines have a very narrow power band, these tolerances have direct, usually negative consequences on performance.

In contrast, the Stage6 drive faces are CNC-cut for highest precision. More than twelve different versions were tested to find the optimal angle. The high quality aluminium alloy and a special low-friction surface coating make cooling fins unnecessary. The pulley is lighter than the stock part, so your variator will perform better and more power will be transmitted to the rear wheel. This racing drive was actually developed for drag races, but is very commendable for regular racing bikes as well.

Attention: no toothing – vertical Peugeot engine can only be started via kick starter.

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