Stage6 R/T Carburetor VHST 28mm



A larger carburetor is one of the basic prerequisites if you want to unleash the full power of your engine. The Stage6 R/T Carburetor VHST 28mm is a top quality tuning carb for tuned engines and race scooters / mopeds.

The Stage6 R/T VHST is a flat slide carburettor that was developed in cooperation with leading carb manufacturer Dell'Orto, exclusively for Stage6. The unique black coat adds a classy racing look to the carb. The black paint was not used on the inside of the float chamber.

The float bowl is made of aluminium which is especially advantageous for intake systems that are mounted above the rear wheel as the material is not filed or worn down as easily. Perfect carb for Stage6 subframes and Stage6 R/T intake spacer kits. The jetting was improved for the R/T version.

Every component of this carburetor is optimized to increase engine performance and efficiency. The venturi is polished, which results in a smooth, flow-optimized air passage and thus better cylinder filling.

This is the carburetor solely, also available as a kit with soft Viton intake manifold. The intake manifold can only be used in combination with the Stage6 R/T spacer and is available separately.

Note: original intake manifold and throttle cable can no longer be used with this type of carburettor.

  • type: VHST
  • size: 28mm
  • air filter connection: 49mm
  • intake manifold connection: 36mm

Main jet 122 / pilot jet S45 / needle D54 / slide 45 / emulsion tube AQ266

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