Stage6 R/T Floating Brake Disc front 260mm Beta RR


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Stage6 is always looking for ways to optimise products for road and race use, and since brakes are pretty important they improved their brake discs as well.

When developing the Stage6 R/T Floating Brake Disc front 260mm Beta RR, the focus was on highest reliability and maximum braking power. The result is a high-end brake disc suitable for racing use, but that can of course also be used for everyday road use.

The brake disc is 100% made in Italy and has been tested under real conditions on the race track. It is completely made of high-quality martensitic steel. This type of steel has a high carbon and chromium content, the main advantage is its superior toughness and hardness, which guarantees an extended service life.

The heat treatment of the braking surface is the same as that used on superbikes, so when competing in circuit races pilots can brake consistently and powerfully throughout the entire race.

This model is floating; floating discs look really great, and they have several advantages. With floating brake discs, the braking force is distributed about 30% more evenly than with normal discs, resulting in better brake response and more even wear of the brake pads. The brake disc is equipped with anodized orange floaters made of 7075 T6 aluminium, whose strength is comparable to steel but weighs much less.

The advantages of the floating Stage6 MKII brake disc:

– increased and constant braking power even under extreme conditions
– excellent heat distribution and limited expansion and distortion at high temperatures
– reduced wear of the brake pads
– better handling and more grip when braking in corners

Technical data:

– disc diameter 260 mm
– 6 holes – diameter 6.5 mm
– inner ring diameter 90.2mm
– screw spacing 102mm

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