Stage6 started out in 2014 when its founders decided to launch their own line of parts and accessories to compensate for the lack of innovation in the 50cc scooter scene.

Stage6 products quickly became popular with 50cc scooter and moped riders. Slow but steady, their product range expanded, with cutting-edge technologies and new products design establishing the company’s reputation for being pioneers of innovation and style. The brand established itself as one of the leading names in the 50cc field with an ever-expanding product catalogue for scooters with CVT and dirt bikes with gearbox.

Early on, Stage6 became involved and active in the racing scene. They set up the Stage6 Cup, a series of national championships in Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and Spain. The race events are the perfect platform for testing new products and showing what their tuning parts are capable of.

Instead of simply producing and selling spare and tuning parts, Stage6 still holds on to their passion for two-wheelers and want to develop parts ideally suited for all kinds of different uses – road, mid-race, racing or high-end.

By integrating modern design ideas and RWD technology, the brand’s website wants to reflect and highlight Stage6’s core values – a sense of innovation, the desire to always be on the cutting edge of technology, and adherence to the founding motto: Performance is our Mission.