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Stage6 R/T (Racing Team) Crankshaft. High quality full-circle crankshaft with increased pre-compression, silver plated thrust washers, titanium nitride coated connecting rod and reinforced journal. The high-end racing crankshaft was designed for racing to get the maximum power from tuned cylinders.

The crankpin of the Stage6 R/T crankshaft is larger than on standard crankshafts. The bearing on the bottom conrod eye is correspondingly larger. As a result, the pressing of the crankwebs is stiffer and the entire crankshaft is much more durable.

Available for original connecting rods, as a long-stroke crankshaft and as a crankshaft specifically designed for the Malossi C-One / RC-One cases.

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The Stage6 HPC crankshafts are top quality High Primary Compression (=HPC) full circle crankshafts suitable for entry-level tuning setups up to high performance racing cylinders.

They increase pre-compression in the crankcase and are made entirely of metal – no plastic padding. This results in excellent balancing and stability even at very high speeds. The connecting rod is forged and offers high strength and reliability that far exceeds that of cast connecting rods.

Stage6 offers the HPC shafts for almost all 50cc scooters, Derbi and AM6 supermotos and even for classic mopeds.

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The Stage6 Pro Replica crankshaft is an entry-level tuning crankshaft in the usual high Stage6 quality.

The Stage6 Pro Replica crankshaft is based on the HPC Racing crankshaft from Stage6. Just like the HPC, it features best manufacturing quality, high-quality materials and perfect balancing.

The Stage6 Pro Replica crankshaft is equipped with a polished connecting rod, small end bearing, two thrust washers and precision machined steel crank webs.

The Pro Replica crankshafts are ideal for performance-enhanced sports cylinders up to a maximum of 12000 rpm.

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Small end bearings Stage6 HighQuality Silver. Very high quality silver piston pin bearings from Stage6, available for many popular engines.

The cage is silver-plated for better running and wear behavior. The original bearing should be replaced when using a new crankshaft or tuning cylinder.

Besides common standard sizes, we can offer you an extra wide 10mm bearing. A 13mm as well as 14mm variant is available for all Stage6 R/T or Malossi BigBore cylinders.

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Stage6 R/T Crankshaft Main Bearings with FKM oil seals. You should always get high quality crankshaft bearings and oil seals, even more so if your engine is tuned to some degree. Stage6 has given their bearing and seal sets an upgrade and combined the already extremely high-quality ball bearings with the new bright orange Stage6 R/T FKM seals.

The new orange seals are manufactured using state-of-the-art technologies. They offer a longer service life compared to the previous seals. The main focus was on reducing friction to improve engine performance.

The bearings are available in 2 versions – with elastic polymer cage for racing (less friction) and with robust metal cage for daily road use. The metal cage version is more robust than the plastic cage. The advantages in the polymer plastic version compared to metal cages are increased elasticity and reduced friction.

Both types are approved by SKF for a limiting speed of up to 20,000 rpm. The prerequisite for the longevity of the bearings is sufficient lubrication and proper installation of the bearings and crankshaft.

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High quality crankshaft seals from Stage6 R/T in the classic Stage6 orange color.

The orange seals are part of the new and improved crankshaft bearing + oil seal sets from Stage6 R/T and can also be purchased individually.

The seals are very high quality, low friction FKM seals. FKM is characterized by high chemical resistance, high heat resistance, high abrasion resistance and high durability.

The orange gaskets have a sporty, aggressive look, but of course looks are not the deciding factor; the main focus has been on reducing friction to improve engine performance, and the longer life means maintenance intervals can be extended.

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