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2-Stroke Oils

Stage6, long-time specialist for 2-stroke engines, offers a range of 2-stroke oils: Semi-Synthetic, Fully Synthetic and Racing.

The semi-synthetic Stage6 engine oil is our recommendation for everyday road use in OEM engines as well as for entry-level to medium and midrace engines up to 12,000 rpm. Suitable for premix and autolube.

Stage6 Racing Engine Oil is our fully synthetic high performance 2-stroke oil for high revving 2-stroke racing engines up to 14,500 rpm. Suitable for premix and autolube.

We recommend the fully synthetic MK3 high-performance 2-stroke oil for 2-stroke racing engines with very high speeds, high operating temperatures and heavy loads. Recommended rpm range is up to 18,000 rpm. Only suitable for premix lubrication.

All Stage6 oils provide efficient lubrication, maximum protection against wear and reduce deposits on pistons and engine thanks to low smoke formula. All Stage6 oils are supplied in great oldschool tin cans, which are actually too nice to throw away.

Händler Finden


4-Stroke Oils

Stage6 now also produces high-quality engine oils for 4-stroke engines. The range includes 10W40 and 5W40 four-stroke oil.

Both oils have been specially developed for modern, high-performance 4T engines, with 5W40 engine oil being particularly suitable for Vespa Modern scooters.

Stage6 4-stroke engine oils provide optimum lubrication and maximum wear protection. Other advantages include reduced foaming and low evaporation.

The oils are low residue and cleaning.

Both oils are suitable for motorcycles with separate or common transmission and clutch. Suitable for catalytic converter, carburetor, as well as injection engines.

All Stage6 oils are supplied in great oldschool tin cans, which are actually too nice to throw away.

Händler Finden


Other Operating Fluids

In addition to 2-stroke and 4-stroke engine oils, Stage6 offers various other oils and operating fluids that are important for the operation of a two-wheeler: SAE 75W-90 gear oil, racing gear oil / clutch oil and -38 °C coolant.

Stage6 transmission fluid with very high viscosity was developed for the lubrication of transmissions of modern scooters. The fully synthetic oil with modern high-performance additives was developed for extreme conditions such as racing and accordingly offers excellent lubrication to reduce friction and consequently improve performance.

The 10W-40 gear and clutch oil MK3 was developed for the lubrication of gears and wet clutches of 2- and 4-stroke motorcycles (with separate lubrication of gearbox and engine). It offers excellent lubrication and protection regardless of temperature and improves gear shifting even during the warm-up phase. Special additives provide great protection of gearbox components under extreme conditions and also under jerky loads.

Stage6 orange (what else) coolant is an OAT antifreeze and coolant for optimum protection of the cooling circuit. OAT antifreeze does not use silicates, which makes the coolant biodegradable and provides excellent corrosion protection. Optimum cooling, maximum rust protection and freeze protection down to -38 °C.

Clutch oil and Coolant are supplied in a great 1Liter oldschool tin can.

Händler Finden