Who we are

The Stage6 story began in 2004 when a group of engineers with a passion for small displacement 2-stroke engines decided to design a brand new range of parts and accessories for 50cc automatic scooters.

By using high-quality materials and innovative manufacturing techniques, Stage6 managed to breathe new life into the scooter tuning scene and quickly established itself as one of the leading manufacturers and a force to be reckoned with.

Stage6’s R&D department is always on the cutting edge of technology and has already developed various innovative products that have confirmed their reputation as technology pioneers. In terms of product development Stage6 have blazed new trails by implementing an open source strategy, with an open pool of experts sharing and exchanging expertise know-how to work together on projects. Today, Stage6 is known for the diversity and quality of their products, all aimed at optimizing performance and / or look of scooters.

The Stage6 catalog is composed of three product lines: Stage6 Styling, Stage6 Tuning and Stage6 R/T.

Stage6 Styling or SSP (Stage6 Styling Parts) is the optical tuning, or customizing, department of Stage6, with many items that combine top quality with durability and great looks. Levers, handlebar stems, mirrors, grips, drain plugs, and riser kits, all items designed to make your scooters look better. High quality materials and impeccable workmanship are the reasons why SSP is one of the most popular brands for custom accessories today. Stage6 is constantly revising and developing designs to guarantee a clean, modern and top notch style.

Stage6 Tuning is the tuning department of Stage6. Tuning parts from engine to transmission, intake to exhaust are constantly being redeveloped, tested and optimized in order to then bring these high-quality tuning components to the market and make them available to everyone.

Stage6 R/T combines and integrates the experience and know-how that Stage6 has accumulated over time. Cylinder kits, shock absorbers, forks, brake discs, calipers, crankshafts, carburetors, exhausts and ignitions – all high-end tuning parts that will satisfy even the most ambitious riders. The engine components are produced in collaboration with leading manufacturers such as Axo, Galp, Heidenau and Galfer and are always at the cutting edge of technology.

Stage6 has not stopped evolving, they are continuously expanding their product range. While the focus used to be on automatic scooters  (with CVT), Stage6 has since responded to new trends and market demands and now also manufactures parts for 50cc supermotos and maxi scooters.

Stage6 became one of the main players in the 50cc scooter scene and was soon also successfully involved in the racing and tuning scene. Internationally, Stage6 made a mark by launching the Stage6 Cup, a series of national competitions in Germany, Holland, Italy and Spain. Competitions and events are always a great way to test products, and they are a great way for Stage6 to show what their tuning parts are capable of.

Why pick our brand?

  • German Engineering
  • High Quality Standards
  • Performance-Enhancing
  • Durable Quality

Our Experience

  • Development and Production since 2004
  • Sponsor of International Scooter Racing Events
  • International Distribution Network

What to expect from our brand


Experience in developing tuning parts for scooters, maxi scooters and mopeds since 2004. Stage6 products are available at the largest European retailers.


R/T is the racing division of Stage6, with high-quality tuning products designed to increase performance, from tuning cylinders to exhausts, carburetor and many other engine components.


Stage6 uses only high quality materials and is constantly evolving to ensure optimized results.


State-of-the-art manufacturing techniques and the use of high-quality materials ensure the reliability and durability of Stage6 products.