Brake Master Cylinder Stage6 R/T CNC w/ adjustable lever right universal



Stage6 put a lot of thought into developing a brake system and were finally able to present this Stage6 R/T Brake Cylinder CNC with adjustable brake lever, universal model. CNC-machined (billet aluminium) hydraulic brake cylinder with in-built reservoir, designed for tuned engines and racing: compact, lightweight and easy to mount.

The piston has a large 14.5mm diameter and the brake lever can be adjusted for improved comfort and better fit (wheel at the lever itself and small screw on cylinder unit). The integrated reservoir is slanted; the advantage is that the entire brake master cylinder can be lowered or removed without the need to drain the reservoir.

In addition, a bleed nipple allows for easy bleeding. The lever is mounted with a special ball bearing to minimize friction. This improves brake lever feel – no sponginess, but solid and smooth. The lever moves effortlessly, no excessive effort is needed, and the braking can be modulated very precisely. On top, overall braking power is increased which leads to shorter braking distances and improved vehicle control.

Individual brake components and a repair kit can be reordered separately.

  • CNC-machined brake cylinder
  • 14.5mm piston
  • incl. banjo bolt and copper gasket
  • lever for right side

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