Stage6 R/T Digital Internal Rotor Ignition PVL Piaggio / Derbi / Gilera / Vespa


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Stage6 R/T Digital Internal Rotor Ignition PVL Piaggio / Derbi / Gilera / Vespa, programmable inner rotor ignition with 2 curves, must-have for tuning / racing projects; in short if you need maximum power, this is the way to get it.

Stage6 managed to make another state-of-the-art performance part for the tuning market. In cooperation with electronic ignition expert PVL, Stage6 developed an internal rotor ignition with variable ignition timing, 2 ignition curves. PVL contributed their tested and proven hardware while Stage6 drew on their extensive experience on roads, race tracks and test benches to contribute the performance-enhancing software, the two ignition curves.

Technical features:

  • Digital ignition
  • Programmable ignition advance for ignition timing up to 20,000 rpm
  • Two ignition curves
  • Inner rotor with low rotational inertia

Control unit:

  • Digital ignition with CDI
  • Small, lightweight SMD case

High tension coil:

  • Ignition at as low as 400rpm
  • Highly effective capacitive discharge (CDI)
  • Constant discharge voltage

Stator/Rotor unit:

  • Lightweight internal rotor
  • Low rotational inertia
  • Overmolded stator winding


– Not power supply for lighting / water pump.
– In air-cooled engines, the fan pulley has to be removed as there is no adapter plate.
– Cannot be used with Malossi MHR Team crankshafts.

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