Stage6 Secondary Transmission, 14/41 (2,93), Minarelli


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Stage6 Secondary Transmission 14/41 (2.93) Minarelli, pre-pressed tuning transmission for changing gear ratio and performance.

Taller gears reduce the overall gear ratio of your transmission and will result in improved performance. If the engine is powerful enough to pull the taller gears, top speed will not be negatively affected (or can even be increased). OEM engines usually don't have enough power to pull this kind of transmission, so you will need a tuning cylinder.

Unlike most other transmissions, Stage6 transmissions are pre-pressed – and available at a knock-out price!. All you have to do is get take out your old transmission gears and replace them with the new gears, close the cover – done!

To calculate the percent increase of your transmission ratio you need the ratios of both the original and the new tuning gears. Now divide the ratio of the original gearing by the ratio of the tuning gearing, subtract 1 and multiply the result by –100.

Example: ((2.56 : 3.07) –1) x (–100) = 16.62%

Always keep in mind: The smaller the ratio / numerical number, the taller the gears!!! 

14/41 (2.93)

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