Who We Are

Stage6 started out in 2004 when a group of engineers who were passionate about small displacement 2-stroke engines decided to design a brand new range of parts and accessories for 50cc automatic scooters.

By using superior quality materials and innovative manufacturing techniques, Stage6 managed to breathe new life into the scooter tuning scene and quickly established themselves as one of the leading manufacturers and a force to reckon with.

Their Research & Development division is always on the cutting edge of technology and developed several innovative products that built up their reputation as a premium brand. Stage6 Development employed an open source strategy with an open pool of experts sharing and exchanging knowledge to collaborate on projects. Today, Stage6 is renowned for the variety and quality of their technical products, all of them designed to optimize the performance the look of scooters and mopeds.

The Stage6 catalogue is made up of three product lines: Stage6 Customizing, Stage6 Tuning and Stage6 R/T.

Stage6 Customizing or SSP (Stage6 Styling Parts) is Stage6’s customizing division with many items that combine highest quality with long life and great style. Levers, handlebar stems, mirrors, grips, drain plugs and riser kits, all designed to make your scooter look better. Top quality materials and flawless workmanship are the reasons why SSP is now one of the most respected brands for scooter parts. Stage6 is continuously refining and redesigning their custom products to guarantee a clean, modern and classy style.

Stage6 Tuning is the performance division of Stage6. Performance parts, ranging from engine to transmission, from intake to exhaust, are developed, tested and optimized with the goal to make high quality tuning parts available to everyone.

Stage6 R/T combines and incorporates the entire experience and know-how Stage6 has accumulated over time. Cylinder kits, shock absorbers, forks, brake discs, calipers, crankshafts, carburetors, exhausts and tuning ignitions – all of it high-end and high-quality to satisfy even the most demanding riders. These engine components are produced in collaboration with leading manufacturers such as Axo, Galp, Heidenau and Galfer and are state-of-the-art racing parts.

Stage6 is not content with stopping at this point, but is expanding their product range even further. While their focus used to be on scooters with CVT, they started reacting to new trends and are now making parts for dirt bikes with gearbox and maxi scooters as well.

Stage6 became one of the major players in the 50cc scooter scene which quickly led to them becoming involved and active in the racing scene. They set up a series of national championships in Germany, Holland, Italy and Spain – the Stage6 Cup. Championships and racing events are a good way of testing their products, but mostly, they offer a public platform for showing what their tuning parts are capable of.


  • German Engineering
  • High quality standards
  • Long life expectancy
  • Optimum performance


  • Development and production since 2004
  • Sponsor of international scooter racing events
  • International distribution network



With Experience since 2004 in developing HQ parts for scooters, maxi scooters and 50cc bikes, Stage6 products are available from the biggest European retailers.


R/T represents Stage6’s racing division, with high-end tuning products to boost performance, from tuning cylinder to exhaust or carburetor, and many more engine components.


Stage6 use only top quality materials and always keep up to date on technological progress to guarantee the perfect final product.


Innovative manufacturing techniques and the use of high-quality materials ensure the reliability and life expectancy of Stage6 products.