Crankshaft HPC Stage6 Derbi Euro3 / Euro4


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High quality tuning parts from Stage6: Stage6 HPC Crankshaft for Derbi after 2006 (Euro 3 and Euro 4), the perfect crankshaft for sport and racing cylinders. It was developed for tuned engines and is suitable for lightly tuned sport set-ups up to high-performance racing cylinders.

The high quality crankshaft is completely made of metal, the counterweight inserts are also made of metal. This results in excellent balancing and stability even at very high revs. The connecting rod is forged and offers high strength and reliability far exceeding that of cast connecting rods.

This HPC crankshaft is designed for tuning and racing cylinders from 50cc to 90cc. It can even be used with 70cc high-end setups.

Technical specifications:

      • connecting rod length: original (90mm)
      • ctroke: original (39mm)
      • piston pin: original (12mm)
      • small end bearing: 12x17x15mm
      • maximum rpm: 16,000 rpm
      • use: tuning / racing

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