Cygnus 125CC

The Yamaha Cygnus X 218cc is one of the rare 4-stroke custom projects carried out in our Stage6 workshop. The combination of black, orange and white paint and decals make for a sleek racing look and fits in with the rest of our Stage6 custom bikes.

We started off by modifying the bike chassis and added a stabilizer bar to reinforce the frame. Then we replaced the original cockpit with the sleeker, lighter Yamaha Jogg R 50cc model.

The works on the chassis ware completed by adding two adjustable black Stage6 racing fork tubes and a rear shock absorber by Stage6 R/T.

The front brake system consists of a 280mm disc and a Stage6 R/T 4-piston radial-mount caliper. The 12-inch wheels were fitted with two sport tires for optimum grip.

The engine of the Cygnus X Stage6 was completely overhauled and redone. To achieve maximum performance, our tuning experts opted for a 75mm Big Bore cylinder kit, a reinforced crankshaft, a 25mm diameter Keihin carburetor, a digital inner rotor ignition and a Stage6 4-stroke exhaust.

23.6 hp
0-100 km/h
5.9 sec
Top Speed
120 km/h
Racing circuit

After several tests and adjustments, the Cygnus was measured at around 24 hp at 8,500 rpm at the wheel. On the race track, the Yamaha Cygnus X 218cc has excellent acceleration to reach its maximum speed of 120 km/h (100 km/h in 5.9 seconds).