MBK Booster

The MBK Booster by Stage6 shows its true colours at first sight – sleek racing cockpit, rounded headlight lens and original fairings with great looking Stage6 decals all convey a clear message. The scooter is reserved for the race track and / or closed-off roads and is equipped with excellent tuning parts.

Handling and road holding were optimized by black Stage6 Racing forks and an adjustable rear shock absorber by Stage6 R/T. The 12 inch Grimeca rims come with Stage6 racing slick tires.

The brake system includes an anodized orange Stage6 R/T 2-piston brake caliper for the OEM front disc. For the rear brake we decided to keep the stock drum brake.

The Booster’s Minarelli vertical engine, renowned for good response and reliability, was modified; we added a custom Stage6 70cc cylinder kit and a custom Stage6 HPC crankshaft.

The intake consists of a custom reed valve and intake system by Stage6. The Stage6 PHBG 21mm (Dell’ Orto) carburetor is not a custom model and is available for purchase.

To fully exploit the potential of the 70cc engine, we opted for a Stage6 R1400 exhaust and a Stage6 R/T digital inner rotor ignition.

The transmission of power to the wheel is handled by a Stage6 R/T Oversize variator, a Stage6 Racing Torque Control MK II clutch and a Stage6 R/T CNC clutch bell.

22 hp
0-100 km/h
5.4 sec
Top Speed
120 km/h
Racing circuit

After several test runs and various adjustments, the Booster Stage6 yielded a maximum power of 22 hp at 13,900 rpm. The custom scooter reaches 100 km/h in 5.4 seconds (top speed at 120 km/h).