Bicylinder STAGE12

The Dragster Stage12 is a custom project designed for drag racing. It is based on a hand-built aluminium frame and represents the expert technological know-how of Stage6.

To make the custom frame we cut and bent the tubes ourselves in our workshop, we added a hand-made fork with rigid tubes and a CNC-machined triple tree. We used a 10-inch Drag Race rim for the front and an 8-inch Junior Dragster rim plus hub for the rear.

Stopping power to shorten the braking distance of this powerful vehicle was provided by a Hope Moto V2 brake kit with of an oversize disc with 200mm diameter and a 2-piston caliper for the front brake. For the rear, we used a drum brake.

The Piaggio DNA / New Typhoon base and the 7075 aluminium twin cylinder case were reworked to make room for two Stage6 R/T 95cc cylinders and two matching 45mm stroke crankshafts with 90mm connecting rods. Two Stage6 R/T 95cc exhausts get rid of the exhaust gases.

The intake system consists of two Stage6 R/T intakes and two Stage6 R/T MKII 32mm D-Slide carburetors.

The transmission includes a Stage6 R/T Oversize variator kit, a Stage6 Racing Torque Control MK II clutch and a Stage6 R/T 480g clutch bell.

58 hp
0-100 km/h
2.8 sec
Top Speed
170 km/h
Racing circuit

The final drag bike made 58 hp at 13,400 rpm on the test bench. On the race track, the Dragster Stage12 reaches 100 km/h in 2.8 seconds. Maximum speed is 170 km/h.